About The SDR Group

About The Company

Over the past four decades, The SDR Group has been at the forefront of leading design and development. Endeavors revolve around creating and participating in exciting projects and groundbreaking opportunities involving sustainability, repurposing, and preemptively implementing creative solutions. They are industry leaders in innovation and planning with decades of successful projects behind them.

Experience & Results

The SDR Group has expertise in the design and development of exceptional projects, from urban single buildings to large communities. Consistently providing residents with beautiful homes, neighbourhoods, offices, and amenities is part of each project. The SDR Group brings an unusual blend of pragmatic attention to the bottom line with unique architectural creativity.


The SDR Group has designed, planned, & developed projects internationally and domestically by partnering with some of the world’s leading development corporations. Achieving favourable zoning approvals is done through demonstrating the veracity of benefits and appropriateness of design of our projects. Unique, ground-breaking projects provide incomparable value to local communities.

Early Developments

Decades ago The SDR Group began by cutting its teeth on projects commissioned by the most cost conscious but successful developers. While creating imaginative and unique projects. Considerations of the smallest details matter in the big picture. In the subsequent years, as the team grew into larger more complex and extraordinary projects, The SDR Group honed the ability of successfully controlling costs while achieving design excellence throughout the big picture.


The SDR Group has found that because they engage different prime consultants for different projects with radically different input needs, they have been able to “morph” themselves to bring the best and needed expertise to the task at hand. For example, an entirely different team might be assembled to strategize and plan a low rise subdivision in the Ontario region than would be assembled for a hi rise beach resort in the BWI.

Design, Development & Repurposing Projects

Whether working on development projects to create new, large communities, or working on the development of ideas and methods of construction, The SDR Group is always at the leading edge of design and planning. In the GTA, they have been amongst the earliest to have worked on innovative heritage projects, such as the repurposing of the original Consumers Gas industrial buildings and several century-old church to create contemporary amenities and residences.

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The SDR Group Projects

The Phoenician Resort

The winner of more design and building awards than any other project in the American Southwest even before completion, this resort consist of 400 homes around a Championship Golf Course and a beautiful 5-star hotel.

Desert Harbour

This stunning community has been commended for elevating a previously undevelopable site out of the flood plain. Outstanding and unique, this community features a 50 acre man-made lake at its centre. An oasis in the desert!

260 High Park

This beautiful Toronto century-old heritage church was repurposed to high end lofts and residences. Luxurious residential suits, two levels of underground parking, and an addition designed to fit with the original building.

The Harbour Club

This unique 5-story building sits right on the Port Dalhousie harbour. Huge glass windows provide views of the water on all four sides. Residents of the repurposed high end lofts have access to a private marina and a fine restaurant.

Chateau Royal

This 100-suite building is mid-town living with a downtown lifestyle. Nearby amenities include shops, restaurants, banks, retail shops, and offices, while a theatre, a fitness area, and beautiful rooftop are part of the residence itself.

110 Bloor Street

Ground-breaking in being the first high-rise mixed use building under a new city bylaw. It combines retail, offices, and residences with access to the subway and the upscale Yorkville neighbourhood in Toronto.

Yorkville Church

This century church was perhaps the first century purposing of a religious institutional building being converted to commercial purposes in the City of Toronto. Eventually, many others followed where now it is a common occurrence.

It can be noted that the internal floor area was quadrupled without any additions to the exterior or the loss of any of the heritage aspects, such as stained glass windows.

The Team

The SDR group is unusually flexible and adept in providing the best possible consultants on a project by project basis as it formulates a new team for virtually each project undertaken. Sheldon D. Rosen is the organizer and common glue that binds the various teams and observes that some key consultants are invited back as members of a Task Force repeatedly as their expertise is always welcome.

The requirements of different projects however, often demand different skill sets, so such consultants as architects of record, the soils engineers, traffic study consultants, Heritage planners, land planners are often selected from their geographic locations and their awareness of the issues that could emerge as part of the problem solving that will be required in that specific site’s location.

A project specific team can easily be composed of ten or more consultants and each is always meticulously selected for their known and proven excellence. It is fascinating to watch the SDR team drill down into the details. In the team’s restoration work the heritage consultants are able to find vintage records in national and city archives that in themselves are of great general and specific interest. Such matters as dealing with curators of museums and stained glass restoration experts come to life repeatedly in repurposing projects. marina builders, seismologists, deep foundation designers, renewable energy specialists, futurists, code consultants, attorneys for land acquisitions, condo documents and rezoning applications landscape designers are all brought together as best befits the needs of a specific and individual development.

Sheldon D. Rosen

Sheldon D. Rosen is a Toronto born Canadian and a graduate of the University of Toronto School of Architecture (B. Arch).

His work over the duration of a career spanning decades has lead to his involvement in projects in various ways. Early on most notably as an architect specializing in residential designs from individual custom designed residences to large scale communities in Ontario and elsewhere. In about 1980 his work as a Developer/Architect lead him to establish a significant presence in Arizona and Florida. He holds a license to practice architecture in Arizona and was the first and only non- resident architect to be so registered.

The SDR Group has been a co-developer with major international partners in various parts of the world which includes Olympia and York, Cadillac Fairview, Bramalea, Bovis- McNamara and others in such places as Nigeria, Iran, Greece, Canada and the United States.

The developments undertaken include Housing, Commercial, Mixed use, industrial and resorts.

Rosen continues to be personally active directing the efforts of The SDR Group on a more than full time daily basis and observes that the newest projects currently underway are perhaps the most interesting ever to be tackled. The in-depth, hands-on experience garnered over the past allows greater insight and abilities to lead The SDR Group team efforts to success in an ever expanding variety of development types.

Presently projects are underway that include repurposing of heritage buildings, new residential communities, iconic hi-rise structures, and new entire ‘ Village communities” far from the home base of Toronto.